IMyFone AnyRecover is the best option for recovering lost data in different Windows 10, 8, and 7 systems In ‎2021

Best software to recover permanently deleted files in 2021 .

 Software to restore files is one of the basic programs that any computer should contain, due to its great importance when any necessary files are lost in the absence of a backup copy to restore them.

 There are many programs that provide you with the service of retrieving deleted files in Windows 10. But we strongly recommend using iMyFone AnyRecover, which is the best option to retrieve lost data in different Windows 10, 8 and 7 systems.

 But why do we recommend it? Follow this article with us to learn about its features and how to recover files through it.

 Features of iMyFone AnyRecover:

 High file recovery rate: Due to a comprehensive and in-depth scan process to recover all lost or deleted data.
 The ability to recover lost data from any storage device.
 Complete data recovery solution: recover lost data from formatted devices, empty recycle bin, lost partitions ...
 Free Scan and Preview: You can scan lost data for free and preview photos and documents before actually recovering them.
 The data is safe: You can retrieve the data at home instead of sending the device to maintenance centers, thus protecting your privacy.
 Support for over 1000 file types: including images, documents, video, audio, emails ...
 Scanning speed: Thanks to fast scanning algorithms. You can also pause and resume the scanning process as you wish.
 Sort files: After the search is complete, the program quickly sorts the missing files by type and date.
 How to use AnyRecover to recover files:
 First: Download AnyRecover:
 You can easily download data recovery software for Windows to start trying to recover three files for free, and you can also choose the most appropriate plan for you to buy it (monthly, yearly or for life).

 Second: Install AnyRecover:
 The process of installing the program is very easy. After you download it, open the file, the window below will appear for you, just agree to the terms of use, then click on Install.

 Wait for the program to complete.

 After you finish click on Start Now to run the program, and you are ready to use it!

 Third: AnyRecover interface:
 After opening the program, you will notice its easy interface, where - without any complication - the program will ask you directly to select a location on your computer to start recovering files.

 You will also notice a menu icon on the top right of the interface that contains some options, such as a user guide, user reviews, some common questions, and technical support.

 You can also change the language to some other popular languages ​​such as French, Spanish and Italian.

 Fourth: Start recovering files:
 Select the location where the files were lost or deleted (in our example we selected the desktop) and then click on Start at the bottom right of the interface.

 The program will initiate a quick scanning process:

 After completing the fast scanning process, the deep scanning process will start (you can pause and resume or stop the scanning process altogether and preview the results as you wish).

 When finished, a popup will inform you that the scanning process is complete, press OK to see the results.

 The program will display the results by classifying them into several main categories, such as Photo, Video, and Documents.

 Select the types of files you want to recover then hit the Recover button at the bottom right of the screen to recover the files.

 That's it! If you do not find some files you want, restore the found files first and then repeat the restore process.

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